How To Become An Author (Or My Job and Other Animals)

Claire Barker

How do you become an author?  This is one of the questions I am asked a lot and I never really know what to say. I didn’t study for a vocational qualification like a doctor or a plumber. I didn’t study Plot Knots or Character Alchemy, nobody handed me a certificate stating ‘Author’ and yet somehow, here I am.

I could give you the exact directions to this point but even if you followed them to the letter, I suspect you might end up somewhere else because fate’s fickle like that. I’m not  one of those ‘start after breakfast, 1000 words by lunch’ sorts. I don’t even write every day. Naturally I work like fury on occasion but it’s all rather freeform for the rest of the time. However I’m coming to believe that these casual tendencies may be a blessing, my relaxed door policy letting all manner of useful ideas wander in.


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