Knitbone Pepper World Book Day Ideas

Do you want to dress up as a character from Knitbone Pepper? All you need is  ginger biscuits (‘no other biscuit makes a ghost feel more alive’), some different hats and you’re good to go. Alternatively you could dress up as Knitbone himself, soldier-hamster Martin, long-eared hare Valentine, bookish goose Gabriel, spoon-mad Orlando, or even wonderful Winnie Pepper. If you’re a grown-up maybe you could dress as Lord or Lady Pepper.  There’s ghost hunter Krispin O’Mystery, criminal mastermind  Magpie McCracken or star gazing Rosabel Starr too.  If you’d like to  go a step further and need ideas, here are some AWESOME costumes ( including Roojo the tiger and Wish the magician’s rabbit)  that readers have made. And look! Even a few naughty Picklewitches have slipped in too!  (for more of her check out this page)