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  1. Hi,
    As an Usborne Organiser and recently finding your Knitbone Pepper books very popular with my customers, I was wondering if you had anymore plans for another book to add to this series?
    One girl has read your series 2 already and her Mum has only just bought them from me she absolutely loves the stories.
    Many Thanks
    Claire Scott


  2. Hello Claire, I’m very pleased to hear this and thank you! Yes, the fourth book in the series is coming out on April in April 2019, called ‘Knitbone Pepper and the Silver Phantom’. This one is about Martin’s special person – Winnie’s grandfather. Do say hello to the little girl concerned for me won’t you and tell her i’m really pleased she loves them.
    Warmest wishes
    Claire ( also!)


  3. So glad to hear your doing another book in the series. I bought a signed copy of the last circus tiger at a local bookshop. Our son loved it so I went searching for others, he was gutted when I told him we’d read them all.
    His favourite character is Orlando, which is funny as its our surname too. 😊It really has given him a love of stories. (Which I’m greatful for, as I couldn’t take much more of the dinosaur encyclopedia. The names are impossible to pronounce!😂)

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  4. Hello Suzanne and Vito! That’s so lovely to hear and thank you for letting me know, it means a lot. The fourth in the series is out on the 4th of April ( have you read the 3rd A Horse Called Moon by the way?) so there’s a whole new adventure coming. And your name is Orlando? How perfect!🐒 X


  5. We are very excited about the new book, Knitbone has been the best thing that we have read together, and Lottie is waiting very patiently for April! We have it on countdown! X

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