Knitbone Around The World

Knitbone Pepper is currently translated into ten different languages – including German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Chinese, Korean, Hungarian, Polish and now Russian too!

8D4B4138-ECD3-41B7-B665-722212C0D49CIt’s very exciting to know that in other countries he is known by a variety of names, such as Pelle Von Pimpernell, Kostek Pies, Kaulelis Pipiras, Borsházy Bojtorján and Fito Pepper. In  Romania he is known as Tatanus Piparus. Wherever you may be, the Beloveds are waving hello to you from England!

Here’s a video that SmartKids in Romania sent to me:

So also went to visit them in beautiful Bucharest.35062495_10216600855593446_1416125681850384384_n

Here are some photos of me in Germany with Pelle Von Pimpernell in October 2017 having a wonderful time meeting readers and making new friends.



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Here is the story serialised in the German newspaper ‘Schwarzwälder Bote’17522739_1826047477659760_5510362425620950827_n.png

In Chinese!