Picklewitch and Jack in the Classroom

Picklewitch classroomWondering about how you might use Picklewitch and Jack  in the classroom?  Here are some ideas kindly proposed by Primary school teacher, Josephine Bourne.

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New Beginnings,

  • Friendship groups- what makes a good friend? What skills would you use if a new person came to your school?
  • Feelings- have cards with different feelings experienced by Jack and Picklewitch, put them into positive/negative piles. Ask the children to fill in post-it-notes with solutions to help sort the negative problems, reinforce the positive ones
  • Communicating feelings, cut out faces from magazines and ask the children to sort them into feelings piles. Children could bring faces from home. Discuss in relation to the characters of the book. Can we always read how a person is feeling, just by observing their facial expression?


  • Weighing ingredients for cakes/spells.
  • Measuring out the field/playground to plan a garden. Will it be a standard garden or a Picklewitch style garden?
  • How many toads/butterflies would fit in the cupboard? Open ended question for the children to investigate.


  • Letter writing
  • Spelling/phonics- linked to spells
  • Character description
  • Poems about the characters


  • Habitats for animals, humans.
  • Naming/recognising some native trees and plants