About Claire


Hello. I’m Claire Barker and I write stories on a wild and windy fringe of Devon, England.

I’m an ‘indoors-but-outdoors’ sort of person; an ex-narrow boater and now a shepherd’s hut writer. I like trees, animals, children and wrangling words into submission.

I did lots of things before I became a writer. I have a degree in English Literature and History and an HNC in Illustration and for several years I worked as a teaching assistant in a primary school, which I really enjoyed. I used to live on a little farm where I wrangled vegetables and pigs, sheep, chickens and children. I even once had a job in a spooky mansion, where I was responsible for untangling the fur of Persian cats.    

Here is a video of me, sitting in a tree! :

If you would like to know about my typical writing day, here is a link to a blog post I wrote for the Faber Children’s site.

The Hare and the Harvest Moon by Claire Barker

Here’s a podcast I recorded with Jo of Library Girl and Book Boy https://anchor.fm/librarygirl/episodes/An-interview-with-the-PickleWitch-and-Knitbone-Pepper-author–Claire-Barker-e8ap8l?fbclid=IwAR0Zz35G4kuKTrfzbiPFdqS9oLcH9Vp648pVPo3OcuGHmirBEgN8qTTlCTI There are some children reviews, right at the end too.