Picklewitch and Jack – Reviews

“Claire’s writing is lively and brilliantly descriptive, adding detail to every scene. Teemu Juhani’s illustrations are quirky and wonderful and match the story so well. The book is just a joy from start to finish!” North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award Blog. Read more here

“I can’t tell you how much I love this book. Rather than reminding me of any specific book from when I was little, it brought back the feeling I got from reading the very best of them. The ones I loved. That indescribable buzz of a book that just seems to have got everything spot on.” Bellis Does Books. Read more here.

“A JOY of a book. Loved every page, gobbled it up in one afternoon” Michelle Harrison, author 

“This novel is SO funny…Barker’s crisp, considered writing feels like a breath of fresh air” My Book Corner. Read more here.

“A hilarious and tumultuous relationship”  Booktrust pick for November 2018. Read more here.

“Her writing is a joy to read aloud.” Andy Shepherd, author

“Very funny, lots of good PHSE messages about friendship and acceptance, but the absolute best thing about it is that it’s a longer chapter novel that is PERFECT for Yr 3 or a strong Year 2.” Ashley Booth, Teacher.

“Exuberant illustrations by the excellent Teemu Juhani combine with Claire Barker’s hilarious storytelling talent to make this lovely, funny, autumnal read unmissable. Very entertaining indeed.” The Alligator’s Mouth Bookshop.

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“I would recommend this book for a class read aloud for lower Key Stage 2. It offers a good opportunity to practise some great voices for the characters and lots of time to discuss what the story really tells us about friendship and what being ‘gifted’ actually means.”

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“Everything about this book is a joy from start to finish! Heart-warming and hilarious in equal measures, for me this book is a real triumph in storytelling.”  

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“This is the perfect kids’ book, and one of my very favourites I’ve read this year. It’s definitely going to become a comfort reread for me when I’m feeling ill, and I can’t wait to see if Jack and Picklewitch have any more adventures. I might be a whole grown-up ladywoman, but I thinks you is the kipper’s knickers, Picklewitch! You can steal my cakes any day. Five out of five Picklewitches!”

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