Virtual Author Visits

“It was BRILLIANT!!! Perfectly paced and you smashed the tech.”

E Bauer, Head of English, Downs Preparatory School, October 202

“I have never seen them so engrossed and quiet.”

Mrs Riley, Broadfield Primary Academy,  Crawley

Claire did an excellent virtual session with two separate classes. She spent time beforehand discussing our expectations so when the day arrived she was prepared, professional and above all great fun. The children were so excited to talk to a “real” author which engendered lots of high quality discussion both before and after. Even the reluctant readers LOVE Knitbone and couldn’t wait to start writing in response!

Vicky Holness, International School of Verona, Italy March 2020
My Writing Hut in Devon

Welcome, young readers and writers, to the room where Knitbone Pepper and Picklewitch and Jack get up to their adventures. The stove’s alight, the kettle’s on and it’s virtually huge inside. Come on in! Email me at to book.

Find Out:

  • Where I get my ideas from
  • About my stories
  • How books travel from the imagination to the bookshelf
  • My favourite book as a child
  • Nature facts
  • What’s it really like being a children’s author?

There will be inspiration galore, but don’t just take my word for it.Read TESTIMONIALS here.

Event Options

We had a 100% watch until the end turnout on your session, it was truly fantastic.

Sara Bullimore, Artistic Director of Newark Book Festival July 2020

Author presentation and reading: 30 mins £60

A general session with interesting pictures, peculiar pets, funny tales and readings to grab the young imagination. This is a guaranteed fidget-free zone!

Author Presentation + Writing Workshop +: 45 mins £90

  • Knitbone Pepper and the Beloved Imaginarium

I believe that good stories begin with interesting characters. In this thought-provoking and fun Knitbone Pepper inspired workshop, I teach children how to create colourful characters that they will really want to write about. This exercise involves History, Maths, Art, humour and a heap of imagination! Teachers will be provided with a template worksheet to use in the classroom, as springboard for future creative writing projects.

  • Or: Picklewitch’s Spell to Make an Orange Bang!

What ingredients would you choose to put in a magic spell? A swish from a monkey’s tail? A glint from a tiger’s grin? In this exciting and fun Picklewitch and Jack inspired workshop, I ask children to help me write a spell powerful enough to create an* actual* explosion. This exercise involves lateral thinking, imagination, chemistry… and maybe even a dash of magic. Teachers will be provided with a template worksheet to use in the classroom, as springboard for future creative writing projects.

A Q&A session 15mins £30

Would your students like to know how I became an author? Or what it’s like being edited? Maybe they would like to know if my characters are based on real people? Was I particularly clever at school? Do I ever run out of ideas? Or maybe you have budding authors keen to join me on the bookshelf. Whatever their questions, I shall do my best to answer them.

Author Presentation + Beloved Imaginarium or Orange Bang workshop + Q&A 60 mins £120

The full shebang, the whole malarky, kit AND caboodle to boot.

On Knitbone Pepper: “A perfect start for any newly independent reader.”

Mathew Tobin, Lecturer in Primary English & Children’s Lit

On Picklewitch & Jack: “Very funny, lots of good PHSE messages about friendship and acceptance, but the absolute best thing about it is that it’s a longer chapter novel that is PERFECT for Yr 3 or a strong Year 2.” 

Ashley Booth, Teacher. Reading Lead.