Heavenly History

Are you ready? This will test your mathematical, historical and creative writing skills.

Imagine a Beloved of your own. What kind of animal are they? What is their name? Who was their special person? How long have they been a ghost? The thing about ghosts is that they might be 125 or 763 or 492 or even 891 years old. All you have to do is subtract your ghost’s age from the current year and you will get the last date they were alive. Like this:

2019 ( current year) – 464 (ghost’s age) = 1553

Now all you have to do  Click here for a timeline  which will help you figure out what was approximately happening in the world when they were alive (this one would be a Tudor).Were they a Victorian or maybe a Norman? Did they live in a time of battles or the Great Fire of London?  Did they meet Darwin or Shakespeare? Let your imagination go wild!

Once you start to think about the time a character lived in, it really brings them to life, even if they are dead!