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Finding Luna

18th March In January we received a call from the Dogs Trust centre in Ilfracombe. Our old dog Finn, the inspiration behind Knitbone Pepper, came to us as a puppy from there about 13 years ago. After he died I’d visited the centre a few times, hoping to find a friend for Sam, our Border Terrier. But thing was that Sam, a typical terrier, only likes certain dogs (we think he missed Finn) and finding the right one was tricky. I’d almost given up when I got a call out… Read more Finding Luna

A chance meeting on a train + clever little girl = Knitbone Pepper school visit!

Some things are just meant to happen. This is one of those things. A year ago I sat next to a young girl on a train from London to Devon. I was editing the final draft of Knitbone Pepper and she was reading her holiday book, her mum sitting across the aisle. We got chatting about animals and holidays and I explained that I was an author. She said that she really liked books and asked me if I might be able to come to her school. I said that I… Read more A chance meeting on a train + clever little girl = Knitbone Pepper school visit!

Dear Old Pyro

Dear old Pyro the rooster, the oldest of my animal friends, has finally passed away, in his sleep, in the chicken coop. Eight years ago I bought a small box of chicks from a poultry market and kept them under a heat lamp, feeding them tiny bits of chick crumb. All of his brothers and sisters gradually faded away, as chicks sometimes sadly do, but one was much stronger than the rest. He grew and grew and grew. He looked like a blaze of fire, hence his name: Pyro. Over the years… Read more Dear Old Pyro


What a wonderful time we had at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Such a great crowd with so many interesting questions. Getting to hang out with Mr Collins was PAWSOME! Also I got a bag with chocolate in it. Bingo.