Sparky workshops to put the *ZING* into children’s writing!

Time: 1 hour.  

Numbers  30 at a time (with suitable classroom support)

Story Jugglers

A general workshop to improve children’s creative writing.

Suitable for yrs 2-6.

If you are looking for a general creative writing workshop, this fast and fun workshop might suit.  In it, I explain the three writing secrets that all budding authors need to know in order to write a balanced story that sparkles.

Purpose: This is an interactive, highly visual workshop which uses a range of techniques to help children look at the way they write in a fresh new light. It’s imaginative and very memorable, and will help children keep their own writing on track long after I have left the building.


Specifically relating to Picklewitch and Jack

Suitable for yrs 2-5

Picklewitch has her own book of spells called a Grim. It is full of made-up words like fudgenut and hornswangler, but also real words that have simply been forgotten.  Picklewitch considers her ‘wurds’ to be  far more interesting than  Jack’s boring ones (for example, she calls a calculator a number fumbler and a boxie is a house dweller). Shakespeare invented hundreds of his own words which we still use today.  Language belongs to everyone! Let’s get creative and make our own Grim dictionaries!

The Beloved Imaginarium

Specifically relating to Knitbone Pepper.

Suitable for yrs 2-4

 Knitbone Pepper belongs to a gang of Beloveds – a special kind of animal ghost that loved their special person so much they didn’t fade away.

Together, using a template worksheet, we will create a brand new ghostly Beloved, determining their character and backstory through a range of questions. Finally the children have a go at developing their own characters,  with the aim of  ending up with a roomful of ghostly personalities!

Reviewers say about Knitbone Pepper:

‘“Funny, wonderfully imaginative and beautifully illustrated the Knitbone Pepper books are highly recommended.” Charlotte Heathcote, The Daily Express 

Reviewers say about Picklewitch and Jack

“Very funny, lots of good pshe messages about friendship and acceptance, but the absolute best thing about it is that it’s a longer chapter novel that is PERFECT for Year 3 or a strong Year 2.” Ashley Booth, primary school teacher and English SLE

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