Virtual Visit Diary

Is this where I book?

Yes! Pick an option from the menu below and it will show you available slots on a Tuesday or a Thursday. It’s a 5 step process. Just click on the type of event you would like to book, then the day, then the time, then fill in your details and finally press Make This Booking. There are two sessions available on each day. The rest of the week I will be getting down to the job of writing books.

Do I have to pay anything now?

No. I will invoice you after the event.This is just a way of securing a diary slot. Make sure you write a little note about your class and what you issues you might like me to cover e.g editing work, rewriting, ideas. I will follow up with an email introducing myself.

What if I have to cancel?

Stuff happens. As long as the event is cancelled 48 hours before the event there will be no charge, although I would appreciate more for World Book Week so the slot could be offered to someone else. After this it will be 50%. There is no charge for rebooking a session.

How many children can attend?

I used to say the more the merrier, but technology does have its limitations and now gathering together in one place is tricky too. For now I’d say a single class, but do ask if you think other options might be possible. Technology is continually on the march.

Can we record it?

Just as with my traditional author events, I don’t allow my events to be recorded because I’d have no control over distribution.This is a one-off live stream.

What platform do you use?

I like Zoom best, but do let me know if you want me to try something else.

What about security?

I shall issue a private invitation to the booker, operate password and waiting room system and then lock the room for the duration of the event. I shall not be recording the event.

I would like the children to be able to buy books before the event. Can this be arranged?

I’d recommend you contact your local independent bookseller, who are brilliant at this sort of thing. I’m sure we can get some signed bookplates to you.

Our school is in an area where money is tight. I’d like to buy a specially signed and dedicated book for the class though. Is this possible?

Yes. Here is a link to this very thing.

It’s showing slots are available but I can’t book them. Why?

It’s to do with the type of appointment. Each one has a buffer built around it, just in case we encounter technical difficulties. I don’t want to rush you but then I don’t want to be late for the next class either. Maybe try another diary date..

Great. I’ve booked a slot but now I’d like to send you an email to check a couple of things.

Of course! I will be writing to you anyway, to follow up, but do feel free to write. I want to make the experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. My email is I look forward to hearing from you.