Lily Stringfellow’s review, aged 10.

Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog Review
I recently finished this book and was asked to review it. So here is my review:
I think Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog is amazing and fabulously funny.
I loved the way the book gripped me all the way through. (I read the whole book in one day!!!).The illustrations were fantastic, I especially loved the one of Martin wearing glasses!! (On page 126).
I also thought the characters were ‘absolutely smashing’!! Because Krispen O Mystery was delightfully evil! And I love how Mrs Jones is the bad egg (who gives them away)! My favourite thing about Knitbone Pepper was when he said he was Andrew the ghost bear!!!My absolute top part of the book was at the auction when Gabrielle casually squawks ‘We’ve got fourteen Vincent Van Fluff paintings!’
This is a five star book and I strongly recommend it to everyone!!
Yours Woofily,
Lily Stringfellow,