Author Talk

Would you like me to visit your school/library/festival?

I’d love to come, in person or even via the Internet!

 What’s my author talk about?

  • Who am I?
  • What’s it like being a writer?
  • Where do I get my ideas from?
  • Listen to the story of Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog
  • Take part in a nature quiz
  • Listen to the story of Picklewitch and Jack
  • Help me write a spell, with surprising results!
  • Take part in a Q&A – special postcard prizes for good questions about writing!

Age range: 6-10 approx.

Books : Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog (1-5) and Picklewitch and Jack (1-2)

Book themes: The trials and tribulations of friendship, animals, nature, magic, humour, creative vocabularies, what it means to be different, empathy and acceptance. Character driven narratives and interesting use of vocabulary.

Talk: 50 minutes.

Numbers: No limit.

Tone: Funny, interactive, fast-paced, cross-curricular, informative and aspirational. Suitable for boys and girls.

Intention – 100% engagement and creative inspiration. I want children to leave buzzing with their own ideas and a sense of possibility.


I am very happy to sign books after all events and I always take time to chat with individual children. If you would like me to bring along books to sell, I shall. Or you could contact your local bookseller and they will provide the books on the day.  They all cost £6.99.

Opening Braunton’s new Children’s Library.

Skype/Zoom visits are very suited to the times we find ourselves in. Here’s what school in Verona had to say about my virtual visit to them.

Claire did an excellent skype session with two separate classes. She spent time beforehand discussing our expectations so when the day arrived she was prepared, professional and above all great fun. The children were so excited to talk to a “real” author which engendered lots of high quality discussion both before and after. Even the reluctant readers LOVE Knitbone and couldn’t wait to start writing in response!

Vicky Holness, International School of Verona, Italy

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Reviewers say about Knitbone Pepper:

‘“Funny, wonderfully imaginative and beautifully illustrated the Knitbone Pepper books are highly recommended.” Charlotte Heathcote, The Daily Express 

Reviewers say about Picklewitch and Jack

“Very funny, lots of good pshe messages about friendship and acceptance, but the absolute best thing about it is that it’s a longer chapter novel that is PERFECT for Year 3 or a strong Year 2.” Ashley Booth, primary school teacher and English SLE

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Cheltenham Literary Festival 2017